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Doing business with us is a minimal investment that goes a long way compared to acquiring brand new equipment.

Since 1980’s Global Process Cooling has been working to integrate, shape, and share the experience acquired thanks to its extensive training in technical support, services process design, implementation, and installation for the manufacturing industry.
  • Business Attributes

    We accurately select the best equipment for our clients. We test every piece of equipment and do preventive maintenance before putting it on our sales catalog. Over the last 30 years we have been part of the creation, development, and evolution of many businesses. We have enough experience to provide tailored customer service and products to all of our clients, no matter what part of their life cycle they are on.

  • What we strive for:

    Provide high quality specific solutions for the requirements of our clients’ processes at the best prices in the global market.

  • What sets us apart from the competition?

    We offer integral analysis services to determine exactly what your business needs. As well, we offer guidance for installation and maintenance services.

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